Tuesday, August 16, 2005

(Taken from "Refierome solo a Castells" by Antonio Reyna Leyva)

He didn't accept gifts from anybody
Only ate once a day
He didn't smoke neither drank
He frequently bit his chauffeur
He had a hard and suspicious look
He liked baseball.
He spoke English laud
He only had 3 military suits (…) and no civil cloth
Castells was irritable man. He was always red of anger.
He frequently wrote letters to Trujillo.
He was instinctively cruel but wisely to covered himself with the mantel of pity.
He yawned at least 150 times a day.
He hated Dogs but loved Crocodiles.
He measured sick people pulse with gloves on.
He had a prodigious memory.

His favorite words:

Fool. Fucker. Motherfucker. Fag. Bug. Cockroach.

Famous quotes:

“Men are, for me, my like sticks for teeth. When I don't need them anymore I throw them out."

“I am the God of the Island of Pines.”

“The Prison is my girlfriend, every day I feel deeper in love with Her”

“I feel drunk contemplating my masterpiece"


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